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All you just potty trained mommies out there...

hummm... okay, so when your just turned two year old (this month) takes off his diaper - which seems like it was just wet right then (you know, still hot kinda?) and tells you he needs to pee - and goes to the bathroom and sits his blues clues potty on the toliet seat and after I help him up, he sits there for a few mins - talking about this or that, and then wants down - without peeing... you think he wants to potty train?

Then about thrity min later, he takes his diaper off AGAIN - and says no diaper. Didn't want to go to the bathroom, but doesn't want the diaper?

Josh has never done this before. Perhaps it's because he's running around in a shirt and diaper?? No pants to cover the diaper??? He's done that before though and has never taken off his diaper! Ever.

I am a bit over eight months pregnant. I DON'T WANT TO POTTY TRAIN RIGHT NOW!!!! BUT, I know that if he wants too, I have to. Don't I??? Aha, crap.


If he wants to badly enough, then it should be a breeze. My ds, now 3, started at 2 and went for a few weeks before deciding to go back to diapers. Then a month before I had my dd (he had just turned 3) he finally started going again, and within a week he was going all day everyday and didn't even have to be reminded.

(of course, now he's completly reverted with the baby here- so it's back to square one)

So... at 2 it may or may not stick, and after the baby comes, he may decide to abandon the potty altogether.
I think that I'm gonna make him stick with diapers. My oldest (now 5) was potty trained when he was a few months shy of three... and that seems soooo easy - with his understand and communication levels... so I think I'm gonna wait till this summer to even worry about that! I just wanna sleep!!!! :)
Oh god, I don't know. Personally I'd say go with it, or maybe just move him to pull ups for now? and have him sit on the toilet for a bit anytime you need to go out, before bed, that sort of thing? Basically just a REALLY laid back approach?

My 5 (next month) year old wasn't interested at all. I finally put my foot down the summer after she turned 3, but it took MONTHS (she was almost 4) to get it finished to the point that she didn't routinely have poop-cidents.

It's funny, I'd never have said this a couple of years ago, but at this point I can see why you might NOT want to train him right now. Still - my first reaction is HELL YES train him before that baby shows up! :)

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