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Toddlers and recurring fevers

Hey... Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Josh has had a fever - sometimes a lowgrade (without giving him meds) and sometimes up to 102-ish with med given after temp taken. This has been going on for over a week now ... the only other symptoms he has is runny nose and he's VERY irritable and cranky. Last week he had the shits, but that's clearning up some now. Last night, his fever got up to 103.9!!! I gave him med about 30 prior to taking this temp, Tory was home, so I made some ramen noodles and slurpped them up - as soon as I was done with that, his temp was broke. So, I didn't take him to the ER. He has an apt in the morning at 7:40... but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this... this strange fever thing going around. My lil sis in Germany said her baby had the same thing and several kids at school did.

Any ideas??


I'm not minimizing your son's fever and certainly would never advocate NOT making sure he's ok, but I did want to reassure you a little...

Children get fevers MUCH more often as adults and it's a GOOD sign most of the time. Their little bodies get invaded so often by germs and the fever is the bodies reaction to ward it off. If your child got sick often with NO fever, that would be very concerning, but the fact that he gets a fever and it breaks either on it's own or quickly after treatment.

My son actually gets 2 week spells of on and off temp with vomitting every 2 to 3 months. We went through all sorts of specialists and testing and I learned a lot about their little immune systems in that time (he's 4 now ans still experiencing this).... All of my doctors always said that unless it goes above 104 or stays at 102 or above for more than 2 days WITH treatment, that I should just let it run it's course. (Unless there are other symptoms indicating infection besides clear runny nose and vomiting - those are normal kid stuff).

Also, I found the best combination of meds which was recomended by my peds was the motrin/tylenol combo. You take tylenol on it's regular schedule and motrin on it's schedule, but two hours apart.

For example, if tylenol is 1/2 tsp every 4 hours and motrin is 1/2 tsp every 4 hours... then dose as follows:

hour 1 - 1/2 tsp tylenol
hour 3 - 1/2 tsp motrin
hour 5 - 1/2 tsp tylenol
hour 7 - 1/2 tsp motrin

Because they are different medications (one is acetimetophin, the other is ibuprofen), they are not contradictory or overdoses of one another.

Good luck!
wow! Thanks sooo much! As soon as I took him to the doc, the big fever didn't come back (yet) ... just a few low grades. Thanks so much for giving me all this info! I really appreciate it!

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