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Bad doc news...

Humm... a few weeks ago I had posted about all the kids having hand foot and mouth. Well... my OBGYN looked up some info about it for me (I didn't have any physical signs of this by the way!) and she had me do two blood test to check for antibodies for the coxsacie (sp??) virus. Well, strand A had to be less than 1.8 - it was, so I was fine there. However, Strand B needed to be less than 8 - it wasn't... it was in the 40ies and 50ies. SO... she reordered the test a week later to see if it had gone down. She just called me back this morning - a week after I took the second test... and said that it was still the same and she is referring me to a specialist. They will probably do an ultrasound and more tests, tests, tests. I'll probably get the approval sometime next week - and then an appt after that.

The only thing that I've found out about this virus thing is that it could cause a misscarriage or interuterine growth retardation (small baby, lacking some type of nuterients or something - not horribly bad, but not good either). So far, I havn't had any physical signs of a misscarriage. I think they might be checking for the growth thing ??? I don't know!! My regular OB doc says she just wants to make sure we shouldn't worry. So I guess it's not that bad, right???

Does anyone know anything about any of this???


July 2010

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